Jigging Competition

Competitors will be split up into six categories men & women: Mini Métis (1-5), Junior (6-12), Youth (13-18), Young Adult (19-34), Adult (35-64) and Golden Age (65+).

Fiddling Competition

Competitors will be split up into four categories: Novice (12+), Youth (13-18), Adult (19-64) and Golden Age (65+).

Square Dance Competition

Groups will be split into categories of: Mini Métis (Under 12), Junior (13-18), Adult (19+). In the case that three groups do not sign up for a category, it will become a showcase. The application for this event can be found at the bottom of this page.

Horseshoe Competition

Runs on Friday in pairs of two. Registration fee is $10 per person.

Bannock Baking Competition

Ingredients include: flour, salt, baking powder, water, and oil. Participants are required to bring their own equipment.

Voyageur Competition

Tug of war, animal calling, log saw, log throwing, tea boiling and rope winding.


No upcoming events.

Square Dance Competition Entry Form

Please email completed forms to

Square Dancing Entry Form (pdf)